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Our services cater for a variety of needs. Sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client.  Here are a few great choices to help you manage the challenges in life.
Give me a call or email so we can come up with your personalised program together.

Channel Councelling supporting hands
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A unique approach that focuses on the person in their whole experience. We believe that treating the body, mind and spirit as interconnected provide the necessary support to work through emotional and troubling issues. Provided in a safe space that empowers each individual to gain a greater sense of confidence and to discover new ways of seeing their situation.


1hour @ $70.00

Our reiki treatments provide an ideal time to experience this gentle

form of energy healing that promotes many health benefits both

emotionally and on a physical level. While the body is deeply

relaxed, it can reduce tension to allow healing to take place.


1hour @ $70.00

Combining treatments can benefit by unravelling deeper more complex issues allowing plenty of time to explore the effects and lasting outcomes of the arising realisations during each session.


90 minutes @ $90.00

Zoom Session

We are living in uncertain and challenging times which can leave us feeling physically and emotionally disconnected. At Channel Counselling we offer our clients the convenience of zoom sessions which enable for a more flexible and accessible approach.


30 minutes @ $35.00*

*Concessions do not apply

Special Offers

I'd like to encourage you to take responsibility for your own wellbeing

by offering you the chance to experience these powerful methods of healing.

Make an Enquiry

Pick up the phone and let's chat...


20 minutes



Ready to take charge of your emotional health?

Getting to Know You

Let's take that first step together...


90 minutes @ $90

All treatments begin with an initial

30 minute consultaion where we get to know one another before your 1 hour treatment session.

Consession Card Holders

Current consession card holders

receive a

$20.00 discount*

*Zoom sessions not included.

Special Offers
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