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Counselling & Coaching

Empowerment through counselling.

Sometimes in life we are presented with many challenges that can leave us with self-doubt and lacking in confidence, limit us reaching our true potential. It can make us feel deflated and lose sight of our own unique abilities that once served to create inner strength and resilience.  We can then begin to develop habits that do not serve us well.

But, there is hope. We can start to re-discover who we truly are once again, by removing these layers of hurt, old wounds and injury that can become barriers to a contented and more fulfilling state of being.

At Channel Counselling, I believe that a holistic therapeutic approach is necessary that considers the whole person on every level from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and how each element of our selves is so interconnected.  I understand how our emotions can impact our health and wellbeing and left unchecked can result in reduced energy levels and unhealthy stress patterns leaving us feeling both physically and emotionally out of balance.

After going on a journey of self-discovery, I realised that the profound healing benefits of Reiki could be integrated into the counselling model of practice and encourage clients to also try this combination if it resonates wi
th them.

Introductory Consultation

Let's take that first step together...

Your first counselling session is where we get to know one another which takes a little more time so we allow 90 minutes for this initial session.


90 minutes @ $90

*$10 Discount available to Consession card holders


Holistic Counselling Session

Gain clarity with confidence...

Individual counselling sessions are offered on a need to have basis as well as being part of a personal ongoing treatment plan.


*$10 Discount available to Consession card holders

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